Enable virtual care for your patients

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Comprehensive virtual care

Support all virtual care management (VCM) services in a single platform

Vironix expands patient care beyond the clinic, providing you with the tools to monitor your patients at home.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM)

Remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM)

Chronic care management (CCM)

Principal care management (PCM)

Complex chronic care management (CCCM)


A comprehensive monitoring platform

Track patients at home to catch chronic illness episodes and take preventative action

All VCM services in one spot

We are equipped for remote patient monitoring, remote therapeutic monitoring, chronic care management, complex chronic care management and principal care management.

Support for a variety of conditions

Utilize cutting edge, condition-specific care plans and health data tracking to deliver personalized care to your Heart Failure, COPD, Asthma, Diabetes, and Chronic Kidney Disease Patients.

AI-enabled solution

Get access to scientifically validated algorithms and proprietary health scores to risk-stratify patients for potential decompensation at home.

Monitoring staff supplied

Don't have the staff for monitoring? We can provide you with a team of trained clinicians to monitor your patients.

Automated claims tracking and audit reports

We've got you covered. Our platform automatically tracks and creates claims for CMS and provides you with audit reports.

Focus on patient care

Our priority is building and providing services that ultimately benefits patients and improves outcome.

Billing benefits

Grow your practice while improving patient outcomes

A strong revenue opportunity

Unlock a new revenue stream for your practice

Generate significant monthly patient revenues across Vironix's virtual care offerings.

Generates more revenue than any competitive remote monitoring product

Our system optimizes monitoring to direct care to patients at need and for the ideal billing codes.

Automated claims system

Our system automatically tracks and creates claims for CMS so that you can submit faster and get reimbursed quicker.

Our platform

Cutting-edge platform validated by science

Gain a competitive advantage by incorporating industry leading practices

Patient mobile app

Provide your patient with access to their data, as well as the ability to take self-assessments.

Cellular enabled oximeters, BP cuffs, weight scales, glucometers, spirometers, and many other devices

Cellular enabled devices are easy to use and don't require syncing with apps. Patients can use them right out of the box.

Easy patient onboarding

Vironix streamlines patient onboarding by screening for qualified patients and providing in-person enrollment assistance.

AI-enabled application

Our platform uses clinically validated algorithms to identify patients who are at risk of an adverse event. Our research is published in peer-reviewed journals.

Easy setup and implementation

No integrations, minimal staff time required and no upfront costs.

Step 1: Discovery

We'd like to learn about your practice and what virtual care management services you wish to provide to your patients.

Step 2: Sign and receive devices & resources

Onboarding, delivery and configuration of device, completion of patient recruitment plan, finalization of billing processes

Step 3: Recruit and monitor patients

Begin to onboard patients onto the platform and start monitoring

Step 4: Bill claims in 30 days

Our platform automatically tracks and creates claims for CMS so that you can submit faster and get reimbursed quicker.

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