Our Story

Vironix was formed by a group of passionate scientists, physicians, technologists, and entrepreneurs who have amassed decades of research, development, and commercialization expertise in machine-learned applications, respiratory & cardiovascular disease patient care, and consumer health technologies. The team of long-time collaborators was spurred to action when the novel Coronavirus spread across the globe leaving unparalleled infection, death, and economic destruction in its wake. Vironix’s core members knew that their collective understanding of chronic/viral disease progression and patient engagement technologies could produce healthcare solutions that would help to quell infection spread and improve wellness in businesses, schools, and hospitals around the world.
Vironix’s AI technology can potentially save lives by early detection and intervention on Heart Failure, COPD, Asthma, and Acute Respiratory illnesses.

Meet the Team

Our team comprises the top physicians, technologists, healthcare entrepreneurs, and data scientists in the world with numerous peer-reviewed publications to our name with diverse R&D collaborations.

Sumanth Swaminathan

CoFounder & CEO

Over a decade of AI-healthcare product development & commercialization experience as a technology consultant, chief data scientist, and CEO: NSF SBIR winner, MassChallenge 2021 alum, >50 peer-reviewed & proceeding papers, Northwestern PhD, Oxford Postdoc.

Botros Toro

CoFounder & Product Architect

After escaping the 2011 Syrian crisis, Dr. Toro completed a PhD in Biology from U. Albany, graduated the eminent Data Incubator NYC (2% acceptance rate), & Cofounded Vironix Health: Mass Challenge 2021 alum and decorated machine-learning scientist.

Sriram Ramanathan

CoFounder & Chief Technology Officer

A technology executive with more than 25 years of cutting edge experience in the mobile, AI, cloud computing and telecommunications domains: CTO of Kony (acquired by Temenos for $560M) ; SVP at Oracle, Distinguished IBM Engineer (>150 patents)

Mahesh Visvanathan

COO & Business Development Officer

A customer focused executive with over 25 years of experience managing operations and transformations for healthcare technology-based services: SVP at Truven (acquired by IBM for $2.B); VP at Anthem, SVP at IBM, U. Mich MBA.

Ammar Naseer

Data Scientist & Data Engineer

An engineer passionate about using artificial intelligence for healthcare. Naseer has been recognized with awards from the Royal Aeronautical Society and the NAFEMS. He holds a BEng in Aerospace Engineering (U. Manchester) and an M.Sc. in Mathematical Modelling & Scientific Computing (Oxon).

Jatin Rajput

Business Development & Fundraising Specialist

Over 20 years of experience investing, managing and growing financial services and technology businesses in both developed and emerging markets: Partner at Union Park Ventures ; Founder at Ad-in-Ventures, MBA from Insead, Blockchain Bus Cert from MIT

Medical Expertise

We're proud to be supported by industry experts.

Christopher Landon

MD, Pulmonology

Nicholas Wysham

MD, Pulmonology

Marat Fudim

MD, Heart Failure Specialist

Andrew P Ambrosy

MD, Cardiologist

Emani Kelley

Clinical Research Specialist

Govind Shantharam



Shadin Hilton

Senior Global Healthcare Advisor

Jeffrey Hanson

Senior Global Healthcare Advisor

Krish Kumar

Senior Strategic Advisor

Christopher Chew

Growth & Fundraising Advisor

Our Collaborations