About us

Our team comprises the top physicians, technologists, healthcare entrepreneurs, and data scientists in the world with numerous peer-reviewed publications to our name with diverse R&D collaborations.

Meet the Team

Sumanth Swaminathan

Sumanth SwaminathanPhD

CoFounder & CEO

Botros Toro

Botros ToroPhD

CoFounder & CTO

Sriram Ramanathan

Sriram RamanathanMS

CoFounder & Commercialization Specialist

Christopher Landon

Christopher LandonMD

CoFounder & Medical Officer

Jatin Rajput

Jatin RajputMBA

Strategic Growth Officer

Emily Twanmo

Emily TwanmoMBAMHS

Customer Success & Content Marketing Specialist

Ammar Naseer

Ammar NaseerMS

Data Scientist & Data Engineer

Melat F. Haile

Melat F. HaileMSNNP

Director of Customer Success & Clinical Monitoring

Paulette Borkowski

Paulette BorkowskiBA

Director of West Coast Business Development

Medical Experts

Nicholas Wysham

Nicholas WyshamMD


Marat Fudim

Marat FudimMD

Heart Failure Specialist

Andrew P Ambrosy

Andrew P AmbrosyMD



Mahesh Visvanathan

Mahesh Visvanathan

Strategic Advisor

Shadin Hilton

Shadin Hilton

Senior Global Healthcare Advisor

Jeffrey Hanson

Jeffrey Hanson

Senior Global Healthcare Advisor

Christopher Chew

Christopher Chew

Growth & Fundraising Advisor

Paulo J Machado

Paulo J Machado

Business Development & Strategy Advisor

Ram Reddy

Ram Reddy

Growth & Investor Relations Advisor

Partnerships & Collaborations