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Vironix Health has teamed up with Oxford University to develop novel algorithms to remotely detect and distinguish Flu-like illness & Covid-19.

PRESS RELEASE - February 24th, 2021 (PR Newswire)

Austin, Tx: Digital Health Company, Vironix Health, has teamed up with the Industrially Focused Mathematical Modeling (InFoMM) Center for Doctoral Training (CDT, based within the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford, to bring the latest methods in machine-learning (A.I.), data mapping, predictive modeling, and decision science to bear on Vironix’s infectious and chronic illness disease management technologies.

Vironix Co-Founder and Director, Dr. Sumanth Swaminathan, said, “An effective and personalized technology that automates early detection, intervention, and discrimination of Covid-19 and flu-like illness in at-risk and diagnosed individuals would save millions of lives globally and curb $100s of billions in employer spending. Vironix is truly excited to be developing disease-specific, cutting-edge A.I. that addresses crucial global health problems with the support of Oxford University’s top minds.

This new partnership combines expertise in quantitative methods and clinical science among academic researchers and product focused digital health experts.  Vironix is providing clinical expertise, resource support, data, and existing knowledge on algorithmic development. Vironix will further provide device and prototyping support to rapidly test and execute solutions that emerge from the partnership. The InFoMM CDT will provide graduate student interns and faculty consultation on novel modeling and data analytics methods and contribute refereed publication level analysis and presentation of findings.

Professor Chris Breward, Director of the InFoMM CDT said, “Vironix’s efforts to leverage novel predictive modeling and machine learning techniques for detecting health deterioration in people with infectious and chronic illnesses will provide an exciting opportunity for Oxford’s faculty and students to collaborate on solving important medical health problems.  The Oxford-University-based EPSRC InFoMM CDT is excited to contribute to this effort.

About Vironix Health: a digital health company that develops machine-learned (A.I.) prediction algorithms for early detection and remote monitoring of viral and chronic respiratory illnesses. Their technology is enabling employers, schools, and hospitals to reduce the infection rate of Covid-19 and influenza, improve organizational wellness, and maintain safe compliance with regulatory return-to-work guidelines. Vironix products are cloud-enabled APIs that are deployable in a variety of institutional HR, payroll, and identity management software for use by global organizations. For more information, please visit www.vironix.ai

About Oxford University InFoMM CDT: The InFoMM CDT is a partnership between The United Kingdom’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the University of Oxford, and numerous industry partners.  Research focus of the center includes quantitative methods in the fields of: data analytics, differential equations, asymptotic methods, numerical analysis, scientific computing, fluid and solid mechanics, and discrete mathematics.

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