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Welcoming Ahmed Ammar Naseer to Vironix Health

University of Oxford Masters Student, Ahmed Ammar Naseer, has joined Vironix’s modelling team to work on synthetic patient data generation and machine learning algorithms for predicting heart failure exacerbations. The results and methodologies developed in his internship project may help patients to improve their quality of life and reduce preventable emergency care episodes.

Ammar is a postgraduate student at the University of Oxford reading for an MSc in mathematical modelling and scientific computing. Ammar holds an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Manchester where he graduated with the top student award and with awards from the Royal Aeronautical Society and NAFEMS. He is also a recipient of the Maldives National Award for Special Achievement.

Ammar has experience in using machine learning to compute RNA velocity and model gene regulatory networks using high dimensional data obtained via single cell RNA-sequencing.

Welcome Aboard!

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