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Congrats! Vironix Health won the prestigious Silicon India Award!

Congrats! Vironix Health won the prestigious Silicon India Award!

The award notes Vironix as the Most promising technology company owned by Indians in the U.S. “We are honored to receive the award”, said CEO & Co-founder, Sumanth Swaminathan

The ability to preemptively detect life-threatening lung and heart illnesses such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Asthma, Congestive Heart Failure, and, in recent times, COVID-19, is a highly sought-after boon for both patients and care providers. While early intervention on health downturns helps patients avert health crises and avoid expensive healthcare procedures, it also incentivizes hospitals and physicians by growing remote monitoring revenue, enhancing value- based care bonuses, and minimizing 30-day readmission rates. Moreover, the pandemic has aggravated the need for a remote monitoring solution more than ever to reduce the burden of staffing shortages and keep healthcare providers safe.

Having amassed decades’ worth of experience in R&D, ML applications, and respiratory and cardiovascular patient care, Vironix’s team of dedicated physicians, scientists, and technologists have forged a solution to this pressing issue.

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