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Clinic ABC Virtual Care Management Pilot Findings

Virtual Care Pays Off: Vironix Health Pilot Boosts Revenue & Saves Clinic Time  

Physicians, Health Plans, and Value-Based Care Organizations: Struggling with rising costs and staff burnout? Vironix Virtual Care Management (VCM) can help!

Our pilot program with a large clinic (de-identified to “Clinic ABC”) showcased the power of VCM to:

💲 Increase Revenue: Through Medicare claims for VCM services, Clinic ABC generated a 2.5X ROI with our pilot’s reduced fees. Standard charges would still have yielded a 1.7x ROI.

😌 Reduce Staff Burden: Vironix handled patient onboarding, monitoring, communication, and escalation. Clinic ABC saved over 200 hours compared to managing these patients traditionally.

👍🏼Improve Patient Engagement: Daily vitals monitoring empowered patients like one who said, “Vironix makes me feel involved and engaged in my own health.”

Benefits for All Stakeholders

👁️ Physicians are able to focus on complex cases, knowing patients are proactively monitored.

💰 Health Plans can reduce healthcare costs and improve population health management.

🙋🏼‍♂️Value-Based Care Organizations achieve better patient outcomes and financial rewards.

Vironix goes beyond cost savings. We improve patient care and clinic efficiency.

Contact us at support@vironix.ai.

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