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Vironix VCM Reduces Hospital Readmissions

Looking to reduce hospital readmissions and improve patient outcomes for high-risk populations? Vironix’s virtual care pilot management (VCM) shows promise in reducing hospital visits for high-risk patients. We successfully monitored a group of patients with severe chronic conditions who had a history of frequent hospitalizations. The results:

🏥 Reduced Hospitalizations: Half of the patients had ZERO hospital admissions during the monitoring period. One patient went 8.5 months hospitalization-free, and another went 6 months.

👏 Early Intervention: Our AI-driven algorithms identified multiple critical health escalations that doctors could proactively address, preventing unnecessary ER visits or hospital admissions.

💊Improved Medication Adherence: We identified and addressed medication adherence issues in several patients, potentially preventing complications.

⏳ Real-Time Monitoring: We identified and addressed dozens of biometric data escalations without requiring additional treatment, giving doctors valuable insights into patient health and saving their time.

🥲 Patient Satisfaction: One patient said, “You saved my life.”

Vironix virtual care management benefits:

👩🏼‍⚕️Physicians through proactive patient monitoring, improved patient outcomes, and reduced readmission rates.

💲 Health Plans with lower healthcare costs and improved population health management.

🤗Value-based care organizations to achieve better patient outcomes and financial rewards.

🏃🏽Ready to learn more about how Vironix can transform your healthcare delivery? Email us support@vironix.ai

Sumanth Swaminathan Botros T. Ram Reddy Sriram Ramanathan Jatin Rajput Christopher Chew Nicholas Wysham Chris Landon Mahesh Visvanathan Emily Twanmo, MBA, MHS Andrew Paolillo Jeff Hanson, MPH Shadin Hilton MS, MBA, RNC, PMP, CPHQ

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