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Vironix Virtual Care Management Achieves High Patient Compliance in Pilot

Patient compliance is key to better outcomes, lower costs, and happier patients. Yet, low adherence remains a major challenge.

Our Solution: Vironix Health virtual care management

Here’s what our pilot achieved:

✅ 11 seriously ill patients discharged from the hospital used our platform for up to 10 months.

💯 All patients took at least one measurement per week of their vitals using home devices connected to our app.

💲 7 patients were highly compliant (16+ measurements/week), qualifying for full Medicare reimbursement.

✈ 🏥 Non-compliance was explainable (vacation or hospitalization).

These results show:

💚 Patients comply readily with at-home monitoring

➡Simplified regimens and easy-to-use apps are key

👍 Remote support makes a difference

Ready to revolutionize patient engagement for chronic conditions? Contact us at support@vironix.ai

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