Our commitment to science

Our team, comprised of esteemed scientists and technologists, is dedicated to pioneering work that stands at the forefront of healthcare and AI. Our research is constantly published in peer-reviewed journals, underscoring our commitment to contributing valuable insights to the scientific community. We take pride in being respected members of the academic world, continuously pushing the boundaries to further scientific efforts and improve patient care through our AI-enabled platform

Our research focus

At the heart of our efforts is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into clinical settings, with a particular emphasis on managing and improving outcomes for patients with chronic illnesses. We are committed to developing AI algorithms that not only analyze complex health data but also provide actionable insights for early intervention. Our work aims to shift the paradigm from reactive to proactive management in chronic disease care, focusing on prediction, prevention, and personalized treatment plans to fundamentally transform patient outcomes.

Synthetic Electronic Health Record Generation (ScoEHR)

In collaboration with Oxford University, ScoEHR was developed as a new approach to synthetic data generation in medical context to overcome issues with past methods usin GANs.


  • First diffusion based synthetic EHR generation model.
  • The state-of-the-art deep learning model for EHR generation.
  • Published at MLHC 2023 (acceptance rate of 33.6%).


Scientific Collaborations