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Remove Patient Barriers to Better Chronic Care Management! AHA Supports Waiving Medicare Cost-Sharing

✉ In a June 14 letter to the US Senate Finance Committee, the American Hospital Association (AHA) urged removing the Medicare 20% coinsurance barrier to Chronic Care Management services. They noted that “Millions of chronically ill Medicare beneficiaries stand to benefit from the care coordination and care management services the code supports…Providers and care managers report many positive outcomes for beneficiaries who receive CCM services, including improved patient satisfaction and adherence to recommended therapies, improved clinician efficiency, and decreased hospitalizations and emergency department visits.”

“Under current policy, Medicare beneficiaries are subject to a 20% coinsurance requirement to receive the service. This cost-sharing requirement creates a barrier to care, as beneficiaries are not accustomed to cost-sharing for care management services…Removing the coinsurance payment requirement would facilitate more comprehensive management of chronic care conditions and improve the health of Medicare patients. Additionally, removing patient coinsurance may facilitate greater care coordination for underserved patient populations.”

🤝 Vironix supports AHA’s advocacy for improving access to care to chronically-ill Medicare beneficiaries. AHA comprises nearly 5,000 member hospitals, health systems, and other health care organizations, more than 270,000 affiliated physicians, 2 million nurses and other caregivers, and 43,000 healthcare leaders who belong to its professional membership groups.

📩 Contact us at support@vironix.ai to learn how we can improve the health of your Medicare patients.


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